What color would you like to be? I am not sure that was a choice, but if it was I am positive only the bravest chose to be something other than white. I am baffled that in 2014 we still classify human behavior by skin color. I do not own a TV so I am out of the loop, and more than glad to be.  However, being back in the States temporarily where a television is on in every room makes it difficult to ignore the ignorance.

It hurts to hear people talk about others we don’t even know like they are less than human. It is times like this I am ashamed of the very skin I am in. I did not ask to be white, I asked to be love. We all asked to be love. But we each came into a world that with time placed tremendous obstacles with the precision of great masonry eventually blocking our ability to see who we really are.

I have battled my very own brain to erase engraved ideas that monotonously played all my childhood days. At times I too have said ignorant things that come from that outdated record still occasionally spinning in my mind. And because of that I formally apologize to anyone who was brave enough to come into this world with skin that would make your journey much more difficult than mine.

We are all here to learn our way back to love. Life is the school. Some who chose easy lessons will undoubtedly still earn a title but there are some who chose a school much tougher; one that could be classified as “Ivy League”. Those brave souls will in my book earn the title of scholar. Think about that next time you are asked to, “Choose your color”. ~ Juls ❤

2 Comments on “Choose your color.

  1. That’s a very good way to look at it Juls. 🙂 I am following what happens up there in the US via T Thorn Coyle, who is a very active supporter for people of colour and happens to also be a pagan leader. It is good to learn from someone who knows a lot better than me what the truth of the situation is.


    • Thank you Keechy. I do not know Thorn. I live in a village of Costa Rica with little access to news. I do not even own a television. I will look up Thorn Coyle. Sounds like good work is being done.


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