The Texas Two-Step is quite possibly the easiest of dances, yet living abroad for over two years, I had trouble taking the two steps back it requires. My mother, on the other hand, is the master of Country and Western dancing. She goes almost every weekend with my big-hearted, larger than life step-father. I watched in awe as they glided with ease to the beat of live western swing.

The fantastic image of finely antiquated couples doing a dance older than them melding gracefully into one motion with music stringing them along reminded me of life’s struggles. Struggles that can overwhelm when we try to go it alone. I am certain my difficulty to pick back up the easy steps of a dance I was raised on, was due to my struggle allowing help from another.

Life is tough, busting open and slamming closed our hearts countless times. So many of us fear opening the door back up because we don’t want to take the two steps back required to relax into the arms of life’s dance. Some of us have to escape awhile and learn to dance on our own. It is hard to go back through the door, but just as there is lesson in solitary introspection, there too is enlightenment in connection.

I may have run away to a third-world country seeking the girl in me, but coming home to Texas taught me there is a woman who has always been able to understand and see me. She has been dealt many a storm, yet she continues to dance life’s dance with ease.

I leave with big Texas tears in my eyes as I gift that woman a copy of my book inscribed –

For my beautiful momma,

The word “hero” used to evoke the image of a man in my mind. I searched for him a long, long time. Now I know it is a woman, and I see her when I look in your eyes.” ~ Juls ❤

It is a hard, hard life but there are people here who love us so much they are willing to let us go with faith in our ability to find our way back home. I am certain we all have to fight our battles alone.  But when the battle ends, if we are brave enough to open our hearts and flow with the music of life’s dance, there is great love in places our expectations would never let us go. Because that love might require us to back track on our path and it very well might mean we take Texas Two-Steps Back. ~ Juls ❤


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