As women, our very nature makes it difficult for us to even consider our needs because we are at heart nurturers, healers and givers. Our upbringing makes it near impossible for us to feel our perfection; we are programmed to believe we are broken and thus need rescuing. We have been made to feel we cannot be whole alone being fed parables even our ribs are not our own.

I believe it is impossible for a woman in touch with her soul to receive love and not give it back tenfold. Yet, we give it graciously often with nothing in return. And that is what makes us so very special and connected to Mother Earth who has been treated exactly the same.  In my work with Ayurvedic Medicine at a famous center in the States, with Shamans in Peru, Mon Buddhist in Thailand and a remarkable Ayurvedic Doctor in India, I have discovered a unique connection to Mother Earth.

It is my belief that healing needs to occur collectively.  In order to heal our earth body, we need to heal our own body. In regaining my connection to Mother Earth, she whispers to me wise words. Below is a poem I wrote after a deep meditation with her. PachaMama explained to me that we are each strong enough to heal ourselves. She asked me to stop exhausting myself trying to clean her up. She said do what feels good but only after I have put my needs first. She explained that just like I have the power to heal myself, she too has the power to heal herself. She said “be selfish because when you focus on you, you will inadvertently want to focus on me.”

There is no way anyone of us can fall in love with ourselves, our health, our spirituality, our soul without deeply falling in love with the one that sustains us all. Thank you Mother Earth.

A Mother’s Plea

Be selfish
Please be utterly selfish
I beg you to put your needs first
Even before me your Mother Earth
Love completely all you are; your soul, your life
Your body’s fight
Because when you find that love for you
You will see what I am fighting too
Your soul just wants to be heard and seen
Your life lived utterly judgment free
Your body craves nourishment organically
It is everything I want for me
My veins are as trashed and clogged as yours
Chemicals are killing me beyond your cures
My heart is stressed broken pieces strewn
My emotions are out of balance too
I cry and worry and wish for love
Awaiting a savior from above
Only my savior walks on my back
Unaware of the power that she has
I want you to know what true love is
I’ll patiently wait while you find where it lives
But I encourage you to stop looking about
And grow that love from inside out
Let your soul flourish; your body glow
And when you get this, you really get this; do not panic in your woe
Knowing your life depends on me
It will be ok; I’ve waited for years
Now we can comfort each other’s tears
Be selfish
Please be utterly selfish
I beg you to put your needs first
Even before me your Mother Earth
~ Juls ❤ speaking for Mother Earth

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