Write fearlessly. That is the advice I would like to give to those dreaming to write for a living. Write like no one will ever see what you are doing.

Tonight I spent some time going through the old journals I did not burn. Still these un-burned pages contain traces of my insecurity to keep my words.  I look at passages I scribbled through—not just marked out but wretchedly destroyed by going up and down, around in circles and horizontally to demolish any chance of ever regaining the unguarded verbiage.

In releasing my book full of hard truths,THE YEAR OF THE FROG, I have discovered a freedom I did not know existed. I have found courage to say what I once silenced and the things I most dreaded to be read by others are now prized.

Here is one of those pieces I had written and then hid.  For years this prose ruminated in my head anytime I was outside walking, minding my own business just trying to enjoy the outdoors. Inevitably I would hear jeers from adult men that made me hate how I looked.  I was 11 years old!

Cover your soul clothed in public for show, so men can strip you down with their eyes to fantasize. Look at them looking at her, ogling over her making her squirm. They measure her by outside means. They think they love her by blowing her shameful sloppy kisses, belching trashy words of cheap praise.

Who are they kidding? Do they think this flatters? If they knew her, how beautiful her soul, they would then know. It would knock their cocky voices speechless. To their knees they would drop out of sorrow for their behavior, out of shock and awe only now yearning to love her luminous interior.

The little girl who wrote that piece is scared to death that I am publishing this. But she needs to know her thoughts are okay. She needs to know others feel her pain. And she needs to know that to say what she’s feeling courageously is going to inspire others to dream and write fearlessly ~ Juls ❤

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