Someone has to be willing to go all the way feminine
Unguarded, heart exposed, delving deep seeing all it means to be woman
It is not weak as many believed
But an unimaginable form of strength
To open up wide letting massive love flow
Despite fear of an outcome unknown
We have tried this alone all along
Because our strength was diminished with judgmental wrongs
Now we awaken and break through the chains
Banishing judgment that kept our hearts strained
Standing together we can now dry our tears
Our army of love has been building for years
With calm in our hearts and the silence of peace
We open up now to let our love scream
We have much to learn of our role in this reign
But we walk on our teacher; who’s been treated the same
This once worshiped beauty is awaiting the day
Man awakens to see the error of his way
She’s been raped of her innocent fruits left ravaged in pain
She’s been labeled as evil and burned at the stake
She’s been injected with chemicals to control her offspring
She’s been chopped up and stomped on with no concern for her dreams
She’s stood silently strong as waste trashed her veins
Comforting others to mask her own pain
Rigid rules coated in plastic that won’t go away
Ruminate her oceans like thoughts in our brain
But just as any loving mother will do
She is willing to place it aside; all the pain she’s been through
Because she knows something bigger than I and or you
Man will hurt tremendously when they see what they’ve done
But it’s that moment of suffering where we will evolve
They will need us even more for our comforting strength
The softness we’ve longed for will fall at our feet
And in that instant all the pain we’ve endured
Will equate to the love we now know we deserve ~Juls

This piece is from my book The Year of The Frog. You may purchase in print or for all eBook devices from my bookstore links. Thank you for supporting my dream.

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