I spent some time on the edge contemplating the fall
No one knows how close I came to turning from it all
I stood on the cliff debating if I’d lost touch with reality
I gave up everything to follow this faint nudge in me
Jump and test wings newly invented
Or walk away and forget you existed

You feel enlightened while you follow your soul
Something in you knows it is the only way to go
Then the point comes where the journey is complete
Either you jump and feel the soaring or you turn and face defeat

I found an unknown strength and closed my eyes to fall
With new wings I sputtered about from the weight of risking it all
The novelty of a motion I’d only practiced in my dreams
Had me skimming the rough ground and scraping up my knees

I touched down and gave up often on my grace
It is more difficult to start again from such a low, low space
Frustration explodes trying to soar from reality of the ground
Because now I know I do have wings
They once helped to set me down
~ Juls ❤

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