I have been to the extremes of many things. I have been religious. I have been sacrilegious. I have been a poor girl who could not afford to eat. I have been the lady of luxury wasting expensive treats.  I have been labeled a young uneducated mother dropping out of college to marry and raise a son. 

barI have graduated Summa Cum Laude, and earned President’s honors by rejecting anything fun.  I have returned to that same university to teach hundreds of students who sat on the overcrowded lecture hall floor just to hear me speak. I have written my life story and sat in bars to sign books so someone, anyone might read me.


I have been happily married, gut-wrenching divorced, painfully married and delightedly divorced. I have counseled drug addicts, taught drug awareness and rejected any form of mind altering substance. I have smoked so much, I passed out in a pot shop under sweet angelic trance.


I have rejected sex for spirituality only to realize, my sexuality is divine. I have loved so hard it hurt, and hurt so deeply only death would relieve me. I have felt bliss by no means other than meditative grace and suffering induced by Shamanic medicine to teach letting go is the way. I have been a giver with little means to receive. I have settled into nothingness now open for the gift life brings.



I have hated me not knowing who I was.
I have gotten to know me and fallen in love.   I have forgotten, and I have remembered. Oh, I have.
Life will grow me like it grows all trees. My branches have extended now to see the sky above me. I stand roots planted deep, knowing nothing of the tree I’ll be.  The wind blows my leaves. I am ready to receive. Fruitless, I have nothing. Nothing has me. Oh, I have. ~ Juls ❤

P.S. Beautiful woman, I am so very proud of you. Happy birthday honey. Life blessed you with the ability to love no matter what. May your heart be free to give, but more importantly may it stay open to receive. You are worth every penny you spent to follow your dreams. Now rest. You have done enough!

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