I went from an abundance of whatever that thing is we call “money” to putting every ounce of, what I used to deem negative energy, into publishing my dream. I’ve been out of that “energy” since January but somehow I get by. Thank you to all who have fed me, given me rides, donated to my book tour campaign and countless other things.

I write you this for no other reason than to use my life as example for those going through the overwhelming stress this fake entity has when we believe none is left. This is the third time in my life I have experienced financial distress. (Things seem to happen in threes for me) And every time, it turns out okay, even better than before. Prior to the shift, life sends a sign I have learned not to ignore.

I recall, after my first divorce, crying all night about needing to pay a bill I could not afford.  I awoke to a check in the mail for an almost identical amount. It was from a company reimbursing me for a recalled product I forgot I purchased. Another time I needed groceries. I went for a walk to de-stress and stepped on something that stuck to my shoe. It was a blob of gum attached to a run over $100 bill! Last night I went to bed with worry over a small debt, $38.13 would soon be coming out of my Paypal account. That account had no funds. I awoke to a message from a friend who sold two of my books and would be putting $40.00 in my Paypal account today.

Some would call these things coincidences. I used to be one of those some. I have faith I am being guided by synchronicity. My only job is to believe the sign is for me. In connecting to nature, I have connection to the source. Not a thing in my life is coincidence anymore. It is my deep heart’s desire that if you feel financial woe. Life sends you a sign to relax and let go. ~ Juls ❤julss

Juls is the author of THE YEAR OF THE FROG:A Tattletale Fairytale available on Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, Scribd, Kobo, Ciando, Flipkart and more. nature


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