I love you. If you know me, you will hear me say that often. If you don’t know me, yet relate to me in any fashion, my response may end with love if I in turn feel connection.

My massive amount of throwing love about in no way has limited its ability. I have learned true love and am blessed to say I taste its sweetness daily. I do not say it blatantly or under false pretension. I do not say it to get it back or gain added attention.

I say it when I feel it—when my soul feels your soul, when hard truths have come to light, when flaws make you feel less than alright. Love is not something to limit. I say it when my heart explodes with pride for your being authentic. I say it when you need it most, and I am full enough to give it.

How can one say this and truly, deeply mean it to every one they engage? It starts with discovering the well of love within your very own being. It begins the day you realize your love is the bliss we seek. Your ability to be loving changes everything. It is impossible to give too much when you’re tapped into this fountain. In fact, giving it away is what grows the mountain.

It is my wish we all feel love—real, intense, mad love with or without a romantic date. How many people go out of this world never finding a “soul mate”? How many seek it until their last breath? It is sad our world still believes intimate love comes attached to a mate. It does not. It never did. 

To love completely one, does not limit the amount of love you can give another. It takes a brave, brave soul to heal the hurts that damned the well and break its power open. Everyone is guarding their own heart only allowing little bits out, afraid of the pain that could follow.

I refuse to live in fear of anything. Why love a little when you can love a lot of everything? May your hearts be full by your love alone, and may it flow so fiercely it spills on all you know. Let it all out and feel the shift come. I dare you to be unguarded love. I double dog dare you to love too much. ~ Juls ❤be loving

Juls is the author of THE YEAR OF THE FROG:A Tattletale Fairytale available on Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, Scribd, Kobo, Ciando, Flipkart and more. nature

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