Whatever is heavy in your heart needs attention. But the only thing it needs is your love. Writing “The Year of the Frog” was the most healing thing I could have ever done. Putting the hard truths on paper, and I am telling you it was difficult, was what it took for me to face myself.

I never intended to leave those things for you guys to read. I was just sick of the patterns repeating and desperate for healing. In editing the book myself, I probably read it cover to cover 20 times. Every time I read those pains they eased.

At some point I collapsed to the floor, not for the suffering I endured, but full of compassion for the little girl in me who had to take this journey. You don’t have to be so strong anymore. You can face yourself and crumple to the floor. When you fall in love with your hard truths. Love will overwhelm you. Love is enough to heal you. Love is enough to heal the world. ~ Juls ❤

Juls is the author of THE YEAR OF THE FROG:A Tattletale Fairytale available on Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, Scribd, Kobo, Ciando, Flipkart and more. PachaMama Prattle is coming soon. It’s a collection of letters, stories, poetry and activities for big kids to co-create, meditate and awake.

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