Tragedy. Human upon human invoked tragedy. I do not watch TV. I avoid that negativity. I live in my world. I stay in my now. But when we decide the tragedy is all of sudden connected to our own humanity, the posts are unavoidable.

I want it to go away. I want to erase the pain. I want none of it to have ever happened. But it did. And it does—daily to those we somehow judge different from us.

Value. Why do we value one human over another? Why do we value one life, one species over a river, a bee, a grain of sand?

Belief. Why do we think our belief gives us rights over another? I have explained in other blogs how I am trying to live from my heart not my deceitful brain because as a therapist, I studied and worked with the brain for years, measuring its output, energy through neurofeedback and quantitative electroencephalography. (I’ve included those big scientific words to get those who adhere to science to listen to me) I am female. I am smart. I studied the brain vehemently.

The brain is the most primitive of all your organs. It will be the last to evolve! It pumps negative warnings. It does not tell the truth. Most of your thoughts never come true. SO why in the world would we adhere to belief? Especially belief of another person’s experience with God. A belief is just a thought you have thought long enough. If most of thought is not true then I think we need to take a long hard look at the beliefs we adhere to.

I do not want to believe another person’s experience with God. I do not want to be a mental robot and do what you say I need do to get into the graces of divinity. I want to have my own experience. I do not want to believe God exits in a Heaven I’ll  be lucky to reach. If I am only thinking God is out there or that Jesus, Allah, etc., is the only thing worthy of my worship, then I am ignoring the divine life before me.

The attacks we are witnessing are following all the old adages under the guise of holy acts. In my eyes it is no different from what happens in many homes where children are met with violence by their very own parents claiming it was done in the name of GOD! If we cannot have peace in our homes we will not have it in our world.  If you are adhering to belief, any belief—you are holding on to thoughts of the past, of judgement, fear, and control by acting in unholy ways to try to make others think like you think.

STOP IT! Your thoughts are the same as yesterday. Your brain is a warning system pumping negative thoughts to keep you alive. It keeps you in fear. It stays in the future unless you consciously pull it here. You are not even alive if you are always there. And if you are saying I believe this or that, then you are letting your brain that has been proven wrong in its thought to have all the power over your heart.

I can’t connect to you with my mind. I connect to you with my heart. And I connect to God there. These terrorist have a deep ingrained “belief” that death is more honorable than life. This is a thought of the mind. Not of the heart. Those of us brave enough to live from the heart need to shine our light and let the world know that we respect life. Respect all life. Honor your life. Honor all life.

How can I make you see the connection? How can I possibly make this terror peacefully end?

I had an angel of light come to me in my dream. She said they, whoever they are, are here and ready to step in. But they do not look like us. They do not think like us. They only feel like us. She said they would help when the majority of us open our hearts to beings different from us. She said, “How can we be accepted by your kind when you will not even accept your own?”

We must learn to respond from the heart to all. We must see each in their own divinity and act from that loving feeling. If we do, If you can clear your brain of all belief and join me in heart to be nothing but loving, this is the dream that will become reality….

Their was a feeling in my heart of the bliss that is coming. I hope by reading this you experience a bit of the feeling. This is what I see from that beautiful dream.

I see the people behind these terrorist crimes coming forward. I see their believing brains halted by the overwhelming feelings in their heart. I see them dropping to their knees with sorrow and compassion for being lost beneath the programming.

I see this happening the world over. I see soldiers putting down their guns. I see criminals begging for retribution. I see those in power unable to keep it together because feelings overwhelm them helpless needy of our love beings.  I see the entire world apologizing to each other, to all of nature—the water, the earth, the insects, animals—we are all given back our worth.

I see each of us meeting these hardened criminals with our soft compassion in faith their souls are fighting to love and be loving. I see feelings of love consuming us all because we can feel the anguish and sorrow they feel is real. We know the struggle is over. I see all of us feeling immense relief because for once in our lives we absolutely feel what it means to be healed. Feelings of bliss overwhelm us.

We feel true, healthy love. We all know deep in our souls that this is the end of a life of suffering. We vow to never again treat life, any life with less respect than divinity. We move forth from the heart with all of our guts to live life in the now, not from beliefs of past but from feelings of heart, moving our consciousness to resonate with each loving heartbeat.

I see us acting only when the heart calls. I see us knowing we are the miracle. With all we have been through, the miracle is that we still love. I see us not doing what authority wants, not what you want or what I want, because we have awakened to the connection in our hearts—We each move in ease and peace doing from this point forward only what our hearts want, doing only what love wants.  Drop your beliefs and conditioned response.  Be the dream with me, please. Do what love wants.~ Juls ❤

be love

Juls is the author of THE YEAR OF THE FROG:A Tattletale Fairytale available on Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, Scribd, Kobo, Ciando, Flipkart and more. PachaMama Prattle is coming soon. It’s a collection of letters, stories, poetry and activities for big kids to co-create, meditate and awake.

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