Do me a favor today. Pay attention to what you love. Pay attention to your heart. What makes it feel that feeling? I love being loving. I love hugging someone and feeling their heartbeat next to mine. I love knowing that I genuinely helped someone. I love nature. I love dancing. I love singing. I love laughing. I love writing something that makes me want to read it again because it feels like it came from somewhere only love exists. I love hearing that you read it and you felt it too. I love dreaming about the entire world feeling love tremendously every single moment of every single day. 

I visited the Chopra Center for continuing education credits way back when I was a therapist. I had the honor of learning Dr. Chopra’s meditation techniques. He said to ask yourself three questions at the beginning of each meditation. Do not try to answer these questions. Just ask them, sending them out to the universe.— Who am I? What do I want? What is my dharma?

I started almost all my meditations with those questions. Over time the answers came to me. They came to me in knowing first, but when they came to me in feeling it was overwhelming.

For me the questions have the same answer. LOVE. I am love. I want love and my dharma is to be love. That’s it. I am that simple. It’s really not that difficult. It simply requires I live from my heart. Check in with my heart and adjust accordingly. 

My soul feels she only exists in loving situations. And so I do my best to let her live by loving everything in my existence.

And that includes you.

I may not know you, but I bet I would fall in love with you the moment I do.

I get it. I feel so lucky that I do. I understand the burning light in you fighting to find its place to shine. I understand the conditions of your life dimmed your light the way mine dimmed mine. I understand behaviors came out of you that were not loving. They came out of me too, and the guilt nearly killed me. I don’t want it to kill you. 

You have lived this life the best your conditions would allow you. You’ve done all you’ve known to do with what’s been shown you. On this day you know more. You know so much more about the love I see in you. You know the most beautiful love of all is that which comes out of you.

Your light is needed to make mine brighter. Your light is necessary to activate the bliss. I promise you to be the love you aspire, until you completely understand this.

Who are you? What do you want? What is your dharma?

Don’t try to answer. Just close your eyes and feel your love. Oh my God, It’s powerful! It’s powerful, powerful love.  ~ Juls

love all fire


Juls is the author of THE YEAR OF THE FROG:A Tattletale Fairytale available on Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, Scribd, Kobo, Ciando, Flipkart and more. PachaMama Prattle is coming soon. It’s a collection of letters, stories, poetry and activities for big kids to co-create, meditate and awake.

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