Dearest Peace,

I know you. I met you once when you were here. You lived in the heart of a dreamer. You lived without any fear.

Peace, I feel you are so, so near. I want to make sure everyone recognizes you when you appear. What do you look like? I can imagine you in my mind. But for the rest of the world, it has been such a long, long time.

Have you changed? I know you’re here. I have felt you, and at times held you, but I live in a world your image is unclear.

I know a young man who’s body expired after being in a coma for months. Recently he left, but I have no doubt, he remains on the forefront.

He knows you Peace. He lived you through and through.

PEACE, he was so much just like you.

He is not gone. He is simply on a mission bigger than any of us can see. And because of this I believe he will not rest in peace.

He will not rest until the entire world smiles his smile, laughs his laugh, feels his ease and allows love to end all suffering.

I know he had to step outside my human capacity to see him.

This work to be done requires the power of a Godsend.

Dearest Peace, remind us who you are. Show us you don’t have to come and go. I want to know you from the place I knew you when I was much too young to know.

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my memory of you. I hope it triggers the rest of the world’s memory of you too.

Perhaps they will fall in love with you and dismantle the things that have been scaring you.

Peace, you are grand and you are powerful in your soft soothing ways. You are relaxation. You are deep easy breaths. You are confidence in life. You are confidence in death.

You are no fear. You are sweet life with no regrets. You are love helping love. You are compassion. You are warm, long hugs.

You are a feeling, but you are so much more. You are what we all search for.

You are knowing without worry. You are days without hurry.

You are the energy that dissolves all negative things. And you are relief from pain and suffering.

You are hordes of people refusing to fight “their” wars. You are compassionate, enlightened countries without destructive arms.

You are the smell of rain hitting dry cracked ground. You are warm sunshine when winter’s chill surrounds.

You are the cool breeze to counter summer’s burning heat. You are the balance of male and female energy.

We only need to live our life allowing you to flow.  You are already taking over the world we used to know.

Seeing is not believing. Believing is seeing.

I believe.

I believe in you Peace. And I believe my friend Matteo is heading up the movement to bring us back your harmony.

He is not resting in peace. He lived in peace. And he is fighting his ass off to bring the change our world needs.

You will love him.

Like you he’s a hero for staying Peace in chaos. Like you, the world could use a few more sweet Matteos.

Listen to his wisdom. You will be instant friends. He has a plan to take you to the places you’ve not been.

Peace,  please come and stay forever more. We promise to keep you safe by proclaiming NO MORE WAR!

We are ready for your love to never cease. We are ready to rest, but we are eager to do whatever it takes to Be aLive in Peace. ~ Juls ❤

be alive in Peacejuls

Juls is the author of THE YEAR OF THE FROG:A Tattletale Fairytale available on Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, Scribd, Kobo, Ciando, Flipkart and more. PachaMama Prattle is coming soon. It’s a collection of letters, stories, poetry and activities for the big kid in all of us to co-create, meditate and color the world awake.

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