We are in the midst of a spiritual movement for truth and enlightenment. In case you have not heard there are countless people following various ideas about vibrational alignment. Since the movie, “The Secret” came out in 2006, there’s been a lot of talk about manifesting and how our thoughts create reality.

This is nothing new. These ideas are in many ancient philosophies and even in Psychology as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness and Positive Psychology. Now there are simply masses of people listening. However, this movement has come with a lot of confusion. 

It is all energy. Low feelings can be measured as low in biofeedback studies, anxious as fast, etc. Vibrational alignment simply put, means to get yourself into your highest positive feeling.

Here is the confusion. Many people feel even more depressed when they can’t seem to turn the frown upside down. It’s okay. We have to look at the big picture. There are days we need to recharge. Those days will feel uncomfortable and low. Energy moves in waves.

Even the ocean can’t stay high tide all day. 


We are meant to rest between the peaks. Rest. I too have low days. I too wake up mad at myself that I’m not feeling my best. It is on those days, I dig deep to love myself like I would my best friend. Remind yourself this low will pass. Lay down and float when you can. It’s in the low feeling state that awakening often takes place.

Embrace this space knowing you’ve made it through every time before. 

Tell the world you need some “me time”. 

Nap, cook, dance, sing, light candles, meditate, cry and if you do nothing else, get outside.

Listen to nature. Tell Mother Earth your sorrows. Hear her whisper in the breeze. I myself talk to trees. Who cares if others think you’re crazy.

We all are crazy until we are right!

I’m just lucky enough to live in a time science is proving nature really does communicate. And she emits the most loving frequency.

Let her love you into alignment. 

let her align you

The biggest wave of bliss is coming. Save your energy. Clear the past by allowing yourself to integrate during the low wave. You are going to need the clear space to celebrate. You deserve the best of the best in this life. Baby, it’s all right to not be all right all the damn time. ~Juls ❤ 

all right


Juls lives in Costa Rica where she finds inspiration in nature. She is the author of her memoir  THE YEAR OF THE FROG:A Tattletale Fairytale (a very adult tale) available on Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, Scribd, Kobo, Ciando, Flipkart and more. PachaMama Prattle is coming soon. It’s a collection of letters, stories, poetry and activities for the big kid in all of us to co-create, meditate and color the world awake. Contact her by email at JulsAmor@yahoo.com. On facebook look for Juls Amor.

Love too much. More Amor. Juls Amor ❤

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