A year ago, I was called to hold moon ceremonies. Now, I do not know how to do this, mind you. In the vision, I was told I would only need to facilitate—“Open the space. Those that need be there will show and they will intuitively know.” is exactly what I was told. 
One year later, New Moon and Full Moon, you can find a group of us where the river meets the sea honoring Mother Earth with our unplanned gatherings. None of us know what we are doing. We just show up and go from the gut the way our ancestors did years ago. It began with women but recently I felt called to add the men. Yesterday’s full moon ceremony was so wonderful I decided to blog the recap for you….
It was one of my favorite ceremonies. The balance of male and female energy was sweet and soft and strong. I knew the moment the circle filled, leaving not an empty space, that having the men and women together was the right thing.
We lit the fire and burned our letters. The opening meditation came from a place I’m not sure I can explain. I don’t think I could recreate it, nor will I even try. I have limited knowledge of chakras (even spell check just underlined the word in red to tell me it is wrong). And eight years of study in Clinical Psychology did not drop any ancient energy knowledge in my brain.
I heard my mind trying to stop me the entire time. I even heard my mind at one point say “you don’t even know if that is the correct color?” As my soul came out my mouth to guide you connecting chakras with Mother Earth.
And because I kept going despite my mind trying to deny me my power, I now have this story to tell you. If you felt the power please understand that the duality going on inside of me is the illusion we are all trying to flee. 
After ceremony many of you expressed how beautiful the meditation was. One person even said she opened her eyes because she thought I was reading from a script. The thing is, I don’t even feel like I had any control over it.
The “I” I identify with most is the voice that kept telling me to stop. And this is where we must shift. The soft confident voice that led that meditation was the core of who we all are. It is the place we all can access. It is where we hold our sacred gifts. But it is slow. It is slow like nature. Like the most “natural” part of us. And it barely talks at all. It is more of a nudge, not begging for attention just waiting for the day we listen.
We passed the drum to activate our intentions with the fire of anger. There was power beyond power as we proclaimed aloud our New Earth and when we held hands to seal the deal with a closing OM, I heard a “Yes” from the universe.
Your soul thanks you for showing up. My soul and your soul made for one magic night. The moon rose red like the anger she should absolutely show. It has been one hell of a ride. Let go. Let go. Let go. 
Here is a poem from my new book “PachaMama Prattle” that is being published. I sat with each piece of nature, meditating and asking for its wisdom. This one is for you because you are my stars. You can’t deny it. I saw your light last night.~ Juls ❤


 We look unreal to you at night.
Because we live a dream filled life.
All of this is just a dream.
Why live it so realistically?
Dream it well.
Be unrealistic as hell.
You are stardust. Now, that’s crazy!
But to gain sanity, one must lose reality.
Find yourself by going too far.
You might end up among the stars.

~Stars ♥



Juls lives in Costa Rica where she finds inspiration in nature. She is the author of her memoir  THE YEAR OF THE FROG:A Tattletale Fairytale (a very adult tale) available on Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, Scribd, Kobo, Ciando, Flipkart and more. PachaMama Prattle is coming soon. It’s a collection of letters, stories, poetry and activities for the big kid in all of us to co-create, meditate and color the world awake. Contact her by email at JulsAmor@yahoo.com. On facebook look for Juls Amor.

Love too much. More Amor. Juls Amor ❤

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