“Just a mom” is how she referred to the most immaculate job on earth.
I cringed knowing she had yet to know her amazing worth.
Her heart floods life with nourishment only mom’s grow.
How on earth can this “just a mom” not know?
This lavish love does not seek riches.
It loves from places the spotlight misses.
“Just a mom” should never be judged so meekly.
There are too many who give unconditionally.
It’s the woman who rescues animals without question,
relentless to save nature despite her exhaustion.
The man who takes in the student all others shun
to teach him honor and unconditional love.
The sister who raised her siblings with the love she was neglected
because her parents drowned in a war drugs infected.
The father who raised children on his own,
by the grace of divinity giving love he was never shown.
The warrior who refused to fight,
while the weaker one took orders to take his life.
Our mother earth who is so lonely this very moment her heart barely beats.
She loves us despite our neglect of her needs.
To all the mom’s choosing to give love when out of view,
who live life feeling immense connection,
whose hunger is soothed by another’s satisfaction
Your pain softens when other’s are in ease.
Your heart fills by the love you give not the love you receive.
May life appreciate you for the love you’ve shown with or without giving birth.
May we all aspire to be “just a mom”- it’s the love that will save our earth. ~ Juls ❤
Thank you for loving too much. ❤ ❤ ❤


julssJuls lives in Costa Rica where she finds her inspiration in nature. She is the author of her award winning memoir, The Year of The Frog, a very adult fairy tale come true about her own journey seeking love.

Her newest book to be published soon, PachaMama Prattle is her most creative endeavor combining her love of nature, meditation, poetry and art.

Find her author works on Amazon under her pen name “Juls Amor”, a name she chose to honor her soul and her Mother’s maiden name “Love”.

Juls writes blogs dedicated to promoting healthy love and peace.
Listen to her podcast on podbean while it is still free.
Watch her LIVE on PeriscopeTV
Find her on Facebook under Juls Amor.
Blogs: www.JulsAmor.com
Email: JulsAmor@yahoo.com

I’m self-published. Like reading me? Click the tip jar to buy me a drink. 🙂


Juls Amor AKA JulieBray


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