02/20/2020 A wave of individuals coming out to share our stories of healing by plant medicine.

As a therapist with an M.A. Clin. Psych., I had to seek knowledge on plant medicines outside my education and experiment on myself. For the last decade I have been documenting my own use of everything from Ayahuasca to Psilocybin and a lot of things in between. I published my Ayahuasca and San Pedro stories under my pen name @JulsAmor.

In “The Year of the Frog”, you can see my mental state change after plant medicines. I wrote it like a bible with the “Old Testament” tales of victimhood and word vomit before my experimentation. After, I wrote the “New Testament” full of clarity, love and wisdom I had gained from consciousness opening plant medicines. I will soon be publishing more. I am my own lab rat and have experimented with many plant medicines in sacred ceremony.

My first Ayahuasca experience cured alcoholism, although I did not even set that to be my intention. It took away the itch it seemed only alcohol could scratch. My body simply began to reject it, until today, I can’t even stand it.

San Pedro healed my broken heart and connected me to my ancestors. A connection I honor daily with a meditation of gratification to my grandparents. Two of them I never even met until San Pedro opened the connection because before my birth they had already passed.  I feel a stronger connection to them now more so than I did when they were alive, because I connect with them daily and see them from their highest light.

Cannabis helped me cope with chronic pain and gave me back my power as I began making my own healing oils and salves to become my own savior and healer. I have a deep love for the plant in all her female form and believe she is more sacred than most can see because she works gently like feminine energy.

Bare Feet Logo

Psilocybin magically lifted depression and has opened a creativity I did not know I had. Though I am not an artist, during a week of micro dosing, I drew my wellness logo for Bare Feet with hidden meaning, a female form inside the space, a heart over her sacred yoni and leaves to represent the feet.

Rapé gives me clarity, opening my pineal gland and creating brain coherence. Temazcal’s purify me and instill a great respect for the indigenous more than any false history books taught me.

I have seen my past lives, healed inherited ancestral pain and cured myself and future generations from dysfunctional patterns the “Ununited Fear States” of the America I grew up in normalized.

I apologize to my clients I saw in Texas that ask me if plant medicines could help them. As a robot of that world I said what I was taught. I am so sorry, I was wrong. Plant medicines have helped many and they have helped me. Today I believe wholeheartedly in the healing ability of Mother Nature and in your own ability to heal and be healed naturally.  

I am honored to be a part of this movement and alive today where I proclaim, this time you will not burn me at the stake.

It is a funny thing now to see the bigger picture and watch those making all the fuss. The only people still against consciousness opening plant medicines are the unconscious!

I believe we are generations and generations with plant medicine deficiencies. I believe we need to apologize to the indigenous people. We need them desperately to help us heal and like the day we first invaded them with our ignorance, stepping foot on Plymouth Rock, they will greet us with open hearts, teach us how to plant and care for her crops. I beg of you, those with Indigenous DNA, to forgive us and put down the toxic alcohol that our governments replaced your plants with to suppress your power. Making your ceremonies illegal disgusts me to no end, because as stupid as we can be, we must consider that we celebrate “Thanksgiving” because before we got out of hand, at first you were our friend. I am so sorry we took advantage.

I have great respect for your connection to our earth and ask for your forgiveness. Your ancestors knew one day we’d come full circle and instead of trying to outdo mother nature in a lab or masking your traditions, we would give her honor and we would need your wisdom.

May you be healed by Mother Earth and may she regain her worth. – Juls 💗

Podcast – https://www.rootsofimpactpodcast.com/s2-e1-into-mother-earths-medicine-with-julie-bray

Bare Feet – https://www.facebook.com/BareFeetRetreats

Julie received her Master’s in Clinical Psychology from The University of Texas Permian Basin. She worked as a Psychology lecturer and had a private practice, licensed as an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor). She expanded her practice to obtain Board Certification in Neurofeedback using some of the most advanced techniques including; HeartMath Biofeedback, Brain Mapping and Brainwave Training. Miss Bray earned her counseling continuing education credits and was trained by the world-renowned physician and author, Dr. Deepak Chopra in Meditation. She advanced her training at conferences with some of the world’s top Psychologists/Physicians including—Dr. Beck, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and bestselling Author and American Buddhist Jack Kornfield.

After moving to Costa Rica, she set out to seek non-traditional ancient knowledge from healers in India, Thailand and Peru. In Peru, Julie received the ancient Munay-Ki rites of the Shaman. Julie combines her worldly knowledge in an eclectic approach to give her clients the best of science and ancient wisdom.


Julie is the author of her award-winning memoir, The Year of The Frog, an adult fairy tale come true about her own journey seeking healing and love. Her newest book to be published soon, PachaMama Prattle is her most creative endeavor combining her love of nature, meditation, poetry and art. Find her author works on Amazon under her pen name “Juls Amor”, a name she chose to honor her soul and her Mother’s maiden name “Love”.

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