THE YEAR OF THE FROG by Juls Amor  5 stars

Reviewed by Gisela Dixon for Readers’ Favorite

The Year of the Frog by Juls Amor is a true story of one woman’s life that is moving and inspirational at the same time as we follow Juls on her journey towards peace and happiness. Juls Amor is a woman is her forties who has had a conventional upbringing and has been raised to believe in the power of the holy word, and the Church. Her journey begins as a child, and takes us through her marriages, divorce, and interpersonal relationships in general, and what it means to love and be loved. Then, after working as a clinical psychologist for a number of years, Juls reaches a turning point in her life and realizes that “controligion” or the so-called “moral” rules and conventions of religion and society are the actual sins on earth, and sets out to free herself of them. This journey takes her to Peru, among other places. We learn, along with Juls, that ultimately one doesn’t need another person to make us whole or complete, and that a true love relationship can be found within ourselves and with ourselves, and that it is enough.

I absolutely loved this book for a number of reasons: its theme, the message contained in the book, the autobiographical style, and above all, the sincere, frank way in which it is written. Juls Amor writes in a heartfelt way that is truly warm and reassuring. Her personal voice comes through each and every page in this book and this is probably the reason that this book does not feel “commercialized” or over-edited. I also appreciated the fact that Juls is not afraid to lay bare her soul and share her deeply personal life experiences with the reader, and I applaud her for that. This is a truly amazing book and a must-read for everyone, especially women.

5 STARS Reviewed By Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite

Raised in a Christian community, where belief in the teachings of the Bible ruled above everything else, Juls Amor often found herself with unanswered questions. As she matured, she found it hard to believe in many of society’s preset beliefs about life and happy ever after. Eventually she began questioning the notion that her happiness always depended on someone else, but still she struggled to live up to the standards and expectations. She did everything expected of her: going to school, working, getting married and working through failed marriages, but still something was missing. Yearning for self discovery and understanding, she stripped herself of everything pertaining to her old lifestyle and moved far away from home in a bid to find true happiness.

The Year Of The Frog by Juls Amor is a touching tale of one woman’s quest to discover the true meaning of happiness and fulfillment Juls Amor bared her soul in this book and hopes other women who have been in the same position as her, emotionally deflated by society’s predetermined concept of happiness, will find some solace in her voice. Her struggles are not unlike those faced by many women across the globe. Society expects you to believe in God, go to school, get a job, get married and live happily ever after. However, what if you do all these things and still you do not find true happiness? Then what? This is what made her leave it all behind and I greatly admired the fact that she had the courage to do this. Many would rather struggle to fit in, even when fitting in does nothing for their inner peace and happiness. Her story shows that it is never too late to find happiness.  It might not be easy, but it is a worthy struggle.

Format: Kindle Edition

A most brilliant and amazing book! Juls captives the heart, enlightens the mind, piques the soul to compel you to stretch beyond yourself, reflecting upon your own limiting, potentially restrictive beliefs that may have dictated a life that have held you imprisoned for far too long. Juls takes a straight forward; brutal honesty and truth approach that draws you in as you relate to even the basics of this book, although most will relate to all. A must read for all searching beyond the ideologies of today’s world, into the path of enlightenment, “self-awareness”, empowerment, and a higher level of truth and consciousness! She speaks from the heart and soul what most feel but dare say. She takes you through her journey of life, which symbolizes many lives, applied to both men and women; embodying the ‘sacred rhythm and dance of life’, as one not only finds their way through life, but embraces every and all aspects of oneself. Life, just life, and all of its misgivings, glory, heart-ache and triumph! Brilliant, just absolutely brilliant!

A. Colόn, Author, “It’s Just a Belief©”(Series)
Advanced DNA ThetaHealing® Instructor/Practitioner
Heart Centered Life Coach, C.Ht.,R.M.T


THE YEAR OF THE FROG continues to receive 5 star reviews from readers all over the world. Click the Amazon link to be taken to the review page.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to post a review.


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  1. It is rare to find a book like this. It stands alone. Juls speaks & shares from her heart. She has the courage to write what most of us think in our own minds but would never dare to say out loud. While reading this book, I felt like I was wrapped up in a cozy blanket next to a fire and she was sitting next to me sharing her story. This book is a raw, vulnerable memoir of a woman that grew up like most of us and then decided that she desired more. Not more stuff. More expansiveness. More love. It is a touching account of her breaking free from the conformist box that so many of us live in. If you have ever felt like you didn’t fit in to societies norms and know in your heart that there is more to life then this book is for you. Men and woman will learn from her experiences. Read it. Share it. Gift it. You will be a different person after reading this book.

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