Category: Heartache

Perfect Timing

His heart gave way to the stress of “their” war—killing a young man with more love than patriotism will ever reward. And her life was crippled by the basket of legal drugs the white coats insisted would heal her. But their love continues as beautiful energy.

Last year at this time they both came to me. On a blanket in a garden under the warmth of Peruvian sun, a yellow rose of Texas smelled just like their love. I heard him say, “your love dear is the love you need to feel.” While she whispered “honey, we are all still right here.”


Be aLive in Peace.

I know a young man who’s body expired after being in a coma for months. Two days ago he left, but I have no doubt, he remains on the forefront.


They Come. They Take. They Leave.

“THEY COME. THEY TAKE. THEY LEAVE.” That’s what this magical mystical lady had to say with the drop of my coca leaves. The paired words hurt like dull scissors piercing my heart with the sharp truth she knew.


It Was Already Already Good

   Something magic happened when I began to delve my soul. In finding my creator, I found my creativity. Sometime ago, I began being freeer in my everything. In doing things sporadically, going with feeling and focusing on being loving, I found faith in my ability. My ability. Not the ability someone taught me. Not the ability someone else told me existed, but the … Read More It Was Already Already Good


Follow up to BREAKING NEWS

Countries without armies? No alarm clocks? No more suffering and massive abundance? Part of awakening is realizing it is possible. It is possible!


Love is Enough

Whatever is heavy in your heart needs attention. But the only thing it needs is your love. Writing “The Year of the Frog” was the most healing thing I could have ever done. Putting the hard truths on paper, and I am telling you it was difficult, was what it took for me to face myself. I never intended to leave those things for … Read More Love is Enough



I have been to the extremes of many things. I have been religious. I have been sacrilegious. I have been a poor girl who could not afford to eat. I have been the lady of luxury wasting expensive treats.  I have been labeled a young uneducated mother dropping out of college to marry and raise a son.  I have graduated Summa Cum Laude, and earned … Read More I HAVE


Warrior Prose

Someone has to be willing to go all the way feminine Unguarded, heart exposed, delving deep seeing all it means to be woman It is not weak as many believed But an unimaginable form of strength To open up wide letting massive love flow Despite fear of an outcome unknown We have tried this alone all along Because our strength was diminished with judgmental … Read More Warrior Prose


Write Fearlessly

Write fearlessly. That is the advice I would like to give to those dreaming to write for a living. Write like no one will ever see what you are doing. Tonight I spent some time going through the old journals I did not burn. Still these un-burned pages contain traces of my insecurity to keep my words.  I look at passages I scribbled through—not just marked out … Read More Write Fearlessly



Another holiday crept in slowly to try and exasperate my lonely. Thankfully these coupledom days are less harsh in my little country where mega-stores pushing materialistic romance are unlikely.  Still loneliness begins to burn days before the date to prove to me I am human and may always wish for a mate. Like me, you may be sick of hearing, “If you don’t love yourself you can’t love … Read More ONLY THE LONELY



Two thuds—my heart knocked on the back of my chest. Not high up where love grows but down low where it sinks when sad. Two times it made the painful thud trying to show me how this relationship would go the night he propositioned me for sex. I took note of the pain but ignored its warning, touting I could handle it. Just sex!  … Read More TWO THUDS