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Perfect Timing

His heart gave way to the stress of “their” war—killing a young man with more love than patriotism will ever reward. And her life was crippled by the basket of legal drugs the white coats insisted would heal her. But their love continues as beautiful energy.

Last year at this time they both came to me. On a blanket in a garden under the warmth of Peruvian sun, a yellow rose of Texas smelled just like their love. I heard him say, “your love dear is the love you need to feel.” While she whispered “honey, we are all still right here.”


Hey you, Unawakened Man.

Hey you, unawakened man, sit down.
Sit down and shut your mouth.
I maintain all your life needs.
Yet you continue to mistreat me.


Just a Mom

“Just a mom” is how she referred to the most immaculate job on earth. I cringed knowing she had yet to know her amazing worth. Her heart floods life with nourishment only mom’s grow. How on earth can this “just a mom” not know? This lavish love does not seek riches. It loves from places the spotlight misses. “Just a mom” should never be judged so … Read More Just a Mom


I Love.

Should my love not reciprocate I have learned to let go. I trust that the world has better plans for me I cannot yet see. There is a love seeking me so vivaciously all I need to do is breathe.

The Year of the Frog-Intro 1,2,3,Go!

By some unseen force, I began a path unwritten and thus I write it now in an attempt to identify my own unhealthy patterns.


No Think

Perhaps this is why Mother Earth has been the target of their destruction—because if we had no fear of our neighbors and no fear of our Mother then we would take care of each other!

Trump, a hero?

We’ve been looking for a savior by judging the good of entire lives. But the one to save this world just might awaken overnight. ~ Juls ❤


More Amor

How many doctors will listen to your story? Or would they rather drug you to numb you from your truth? Because like their pain they can’t stand in authentically, they can’t stand to be in yours with you.


The Naked Truth.

Quantum physics has proven the things that exists are what we make ourselves aware of consciously. What we give our attention grows. Where attention goes energy flows. There is even evidence that this very now is altering the future. Well yes, that’s quite an easy truth to see, but brace yourself, because the evidence reveals this now is also altering the past simultaneously!


Full Crow Moon

And because I kept going despite my mind trying to deny me my power, I now have this story to tell you. If you felt the power please understand that the duality going on inside of me is the illusion we are all trying to flee.


They Come. They Take. They Leave.

“THEY COME. THEY TAKE. THEY LEAVE.” That’s what this magical mystical lady had to say with the drop of my coca leaves. The paired words hurt like dull scissors piercing my heart with the sharp truth she knew.


Merry Now. Merry Everything.

With this full Christmas Moon energy, Love is in the air. Love. The feeling. The one. That feeling of your heart exploding in a fearful fury of joyous bliss. It is the feeling we seek in everything. Breathe one long deep breath with me and think about loving energy. It feels like ease. It feels like breath so deep you will never again have … Read More Merry Now. Merry Everything.