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I Love.

Should my love not reciprocate I have learned to let go. I trust that the world has better plans for me I cannot yet see. There is a love seeking me so vivaciously all I need to do is breathe.


The Naked Truth.

Quantum physics has proven the things that exists are what we make ourselves aware of consciously. What we give our attention grows. Where attention goes energy flows. There is even evidence that this very now is altering the future. Well yes, that’s quite an easy truth to see, but brace yourself, because the evidence reveals this now is also altering the past simultaneously!


Mindful Monday

You will be honored not regretted. You will be a day we celebrate. The day peace on earth began. We won’t segregate the days as time dissolves, but we will never forget. It was a Monday, and she was the best day yet. ~ Juls ❤


It Was Already Already Good

   Something magic happened when I began to delve my soul. In finding my creator, I found my creativity. Sometime ago, I began being freeer in my everything. In doing things sporadically, going with feeling and focusing on being loving, I found faith in my ability. My ability. Not the ability someone taught me. Not the ability someone else told me existed, but the … Read More It Was Already Already Good

The Truth is the Same!

11/11 New Moon – The day of truth. I’ve always said the reason we all tend to write, dream and think the same way when we honestly get to the heart of things is because the truth is the same. Confucius, Ghandi, Buddha, Jesus, You, Me…. The truth is the same! When the veil lifts and soul awakens there is an immense freedom in … Read More The Truth is the Same!


Fight to Flight

I spent some time on the edge contemplating the fall No one knows how close I came to turning from it all I stood on the cliff debating if I’d lost touch with reality I gave up everything to follow this faint nudge in me Jump and test wings newly invented Or walk away and forget you existed You feel enlightened while you follow your soul Something in you knows … Read More Fight to Flight


No Toys

They had no toys. There were no electronics, no video games and there were no Barbies. They had nothing compared to many. They were children without any. I sat beside their father beaming with pride eager to tell me why. I knew but had never given the outcome much thought. So many of us measure happiness by the things we bought. My mind drifts … Read More No Toys


What’s in a Pen Name?

Why would anyone spend two years of their life working sometimes 14 hours a day to complete a dream she had as a little girl and then choose to publish it under a different name? Having a pen name is not about hiding or being something I am not, but being something I am. It is a way for me to honor my soul … Read More What’s in a Pen Name?