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Trump, a hero?

We’ve been looking for a savior by judging the good of entire lives. But the one to save this world just might awaken overnight. ~ Juls ❤


Do What Love Wants.

The attacks we are witnessing are following all the old adages under the guise of holy acts. In my eyes it is no different than what happens in many homes where children are met with violence by their very own parents claiming it was done in the name of GOD! If we cannot have peace in our homes we will not have it in our world. If you are adhering to belief, any belief—you are holding on to thoughts of the past, of judgement, fear, and control by acting in unholy ways to try and make others think like you think.

The Truth is the Same!

11/11 New Moon – The day of truth. I’ve always said the reason we all tend to write, dream and think the same way when we honestly get to the heart of things is because the truth is the same. Confucius, Ghandi, Buddha, Jesus, You, Me…. The truth is the same! When the veil lifts and soul awakens there is an immense freedom in … Read More The Truth is the Same!


Fight to Flight

I spent some time on the edge contemplating the fall No one knows how close I came to turning from it all I stood on the cliff debating if I’d lost touch with reality I gave up everything to follow this faint nudge in me Jump and test wings newly invented Or walk away and forget you existed You feel enlightened while you follow your soul Something in you knows … Read More Fight to Flight



Rejection hurts. I spent over a year after completing a manuscript full of controversy and honest lies trying to fit that out of the box work of art back into a package they’d accept only if my voice was disguised. Publisher rejection, editor inspection, even a few family and friends gawked cautiously at my abrasive attempt at honesty. To be true to my voice that … Read More REJECT ME


Gotta Have Faith

I am a writer! To say this out loud may seem odd but it has been my life struggle to get back to the girl I was. I awoke this morning after a long battle with myself over the life I left behind to a message about keeping dreams alive. I was on the verge of burning my manuscript that has been rejected by … Read More Gotta Have Faith