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Perfect Timing

His heart gave way to the stress of “their” war—killing a young man with more love than patriotism will ever reward. And her life was crippled by the basket of legal drugs the white coats insisted would heal her. But their love continues as beautiful energy.

Last year at this time they both came to me. On a blanket in a garden under the warmth of Peruvian sun, a yellow rose of Texas smelled just like their love. I heard him say, “your love dear is the love you need to feel.” While she whispered “honey, we are all still right here.”


Bud Love

I transcribed this for my grandfather, Bud Love, who came to me while meditating when I was visiting the Sacred Valley in Pisac, Peru. In the dream he was speaking to me through a yellow rose that smelled just like my Nanny, Bonnie Love. It is my intention to publish (looking for a publisher and accepting offers) this poem along with some 50 others in my new book PachaMama Prattle. I am giving you a sneak peak because today is my grandmother’s birthday. Happy Birthday Nanny. There will never be another rose as sweet.


The Naked Truth.

Quantum physics has proven the things that exists are what we make ourselves aware of consciously. What we give our attention grows. Where attention goes energy flows. There is even evidence that this very now is altering the future. Well yes, that’s quite an easy truth to see, but brace yourself, because the evidence reveals this now is also altering the past simultaneously!


Full Crow Moon

And because I kept going despite my mind trying to deny me my power, I now have this story to tell you. If you felt the power please understand that the duality going on inside of me is the illusion we are all trying to flee.


Mindful Monday

You will be honored not regretted. You will be a day we celebrate. The day peace on earth began. We won’t segregate the days as time dissolves, but we will never forget. It was a Monday, and she was the best day yet. ~ Juls ❤


Follow up to BREAKING NEWS

Countries without armies? No alarm clocks? No more suffering and massive abundance? Part of awakening is realizing it is possible. It is possible!


Fight to Flight

I spent some time on the edge contemplating the fall No one knows how close I came to turning from it all I stood on the cliff debating if I’d lost touch with reality I gave up everything to follow this faint nudge in me Jump and test wings newly invented Or walk away and forget you existed You feel enlightened while you follow your soul Something in you knows … Read More Fight to Flight


Dream Your Pipe-Dream!

Let them go. People will say negative things. Let them. You can’t defend a dream only you see. It will push away many, but at least now you won’t have to listen to their negativity.


I Dream

    I dream of a place where mountains make clouds and as odd as it seems the ocean makes land.  The plants grow ginormous with little work of a man, while the extremes of the weather keep you humble and tan.  The alarm clock each morn is a soft sun filled hand brushing your cheek with a whisper of sand. Monkeys scream songs … Read More I Dream


What’s in a Pen Name?

Why would anyone spend two years of their life working sometimes 14 hours a day to complete a dream she had as a little girl and then choose to publish it under a different name? Having a pen name is not about hiding or being something I am not, but being something I am. It is a way for me to honor my soul … Read More What’s in a Pen Name?



Rejection hurts. I spent over a year after completing a manuscript full of controversy and honest lies trying to fit that out of the box work of art back into a package they’d accept only if my voice was disguised. Publisher rejection, editor inspection, even a few family and friends gawked cautiously at my abrasive attempt at honesty. To be true to my voice that … Read More REJECT ME


Gump It Up!

(This is an old blog written while I was still in practice but given I am about to “Gump it up” and launch my dream book, I found it most appropriate) In my profession, at the simplest level, I help others make positive changes. Working with kids is my passion partially because they are so willing to accept help and put it into action. … Read More Gump It Up!